A society named Ramlai Medicinal Plants Cultivators’ Union, founded and led by the late PC Lalhela, was formed in 2010 by farmers who had keen interest in cultivation of Medicinal Plants at New Serchhip. Farmers from the Society initiated cultivating some medicinal plants on their expenses since then. Inspiring on the initiatives taken by the late PC Lalhela, the society was restructured, reconstituted and renamed to Ramlai Society for Traditional Medicine in 2017 to broaden its aims & objects, area of operations and to include more professionals to deal with the multiple ventures of the Society. Any task of the Society concerning with Aromatic and Medicinal Plants is taken by the Society’s own Trust, PC Lalhela Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Trust, created and managed by the Trustees of the Society.

Some species of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants cultivated are as follows:

Mizo HmingScientific NameTrade NameA Hmanna
SunhluPhyllanthus embelicaIndian Gooseberry, AmlaTaksa ralveng sipai tihchakna
RulturzungRauvolfia serpentinaIndian Snakeroot, SarpagandhaThisen sang damdawi
ArchangkawmOroxylum indicumShyonakChaw ei tuina, santen, thawhah
RunhmuidumOcimum tenuiflorumHoly Basil, TulsiHritlang, Khuh
Khawsik damdawiSwertia chirataChirataKhawsik, Nachhawkna
Thak damdawiPlectranthus amboinicusMexican mintPhurthak, Thawhah
TantalungMoringa oleiferaDrumstick treeChaw ṭha
ThinghmarchaPiper nigrumBlack PepperThisen sang, zunthlum, vun var enkawlna'n
Sikserh damdawiArtemisia annuaSweet wormwoodSikserh

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