Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve, protect, and promote the traditional Mizo knowledge and systems to intervene in social and public health issues and to enhance income generation skills according to the 3-Step Theory:

Health Services

Identifying and providing targeted health services and interventions to the underprivileged and marginalised groups using scientifically proven systems.

Mutual Development

The promotion of traditional medicine will eventually develop the target community by giving them opportunities to earn more and stabilise their income.

In-depth Study

Extensive and comprehensive research and survey to identify and improve the issue to the next higher level for the benefit of the targeted community.

The Ramlai Society for Traditional Medicine is a 12A-registered society working for the revitalization of traditional medicine knowledge to intervene in social and public health in Mizoram.

Our Key Members

Brief profiles of our Office Bearers
Dr. Lalchhuansanga Pachuau

Dr. Lalchhuansanga Pachuau

Founder & President

Addl. Charge:
Project Director, RASTRAM-TIP, Kawnpui

C Lalrochhuanga

Mr. C Lalrochhuanga

Vice President

Addl. Charge:
Project Director, RASTRAM-MAPP, Serchhip

R Malsawmtluanga

Mr. R Malsawmtluanga

General Secretary
C Lalpianthanga

Mr. C Lalpianthanga

Assistant Secretary

Addl. Charge:
Field Supervisor cum Accountant, RASTRAM-MAPP, Serchhip

Lalduhkima Ralte

Mr. Lalduhkima Ralte


Mr. Laldinpuia

Financial Secretary

Addl. Charge:
Vice President (Marketing)

The revitalization of traditional knowledge will reduce many modern social and public health issues, alleviate poverty and strengthen our community sustainably.

  • Khampat Media
  • Similimum Partners
  • PC Lalhela Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Trust
  • Mizoram State AIDS Control Society

Recent News

News and activities about Ramlai Society for Traditional Medicine

Personal Interview Result

Mizoram State AIDS Control Society funded project, RASTRAM TI Project, North Kawnpui, Kolasib District atana thawktu tur lakna result chu tihchhuah a ni a, a hnuaia mi ang hi a ni.

Public health intervention has begun

To achieve the society’s goals, RASTRAM’s governing body decided to allocate its funds for public health intervention by applying for and preparing for the Mizoram State AIDS Control Society’s project of targeted intervention. The president Read more…

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